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"All that is needed for the extraordinary to happen is the intention—and the willingness to take the next step."

—Jan Austin

Partner for Growth
A corporate coach is your partner in success, working with you to optimize your ability to make valued contributions to the organization and engage a community of committed team players. Your coach will offer you thoughtful and insightful observations, ask provocative questions, and provide unwavering support for you and your potential.

This priceless feedback and guidance, based on extensive training and experience, will enable you to transform how you think—and how you act.

Be a Signature Leader
You've got the ambition and attitude to reach for more--to be the kind of stand-out leader who creates broad-based organizational followership.  We offer a broad range of
coaching options to get you there, including state of the art assessments, leadership learning labs, one-on-one coaching, team coaching and more. Contact Potential At Work, Inc. today and learn how you can be a leader who leads with distinction. 

Our work begins with a personal interview (either face to face or by teleconference call) to assess your current situation, define the scope of our professional relationship, and establish specific desired outcomes.  Subsequent coaching sessions are typically conducted over the telephone, with each session lasting up to one hour.  Between coaching sessions, you will complete specific actions in support of the achievement of your goals.  The frequency of coaching sessions varies, but a minimum of two hours per month is recommended.

At some point in the coaching relationship, often at the beginning, the use of certain assessment tools, such as communication style, emotional intelligence, 360 degree feedback, or other leadership effectiveness instruments, may be recommended.  Assessments can provide the strategically relevant data to ensure a complete understanding of your strengths and opportunities for development, as well as provide a way to benchmark your progress. 

The duration of the coaching relationship varies, and may involve regular sessions for six months to a year or more, depending upon your needs and preferences. 

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