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Who We Are
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Potential At Work™, Inc.
Potential At Work, Inc. is an Asheville, North Carolina-based coaching and consulting firm specializing in organizational leadership excellence. Founder and owner Jan Austin is a master certified coach, a coaching industry forerunner and a standout thinker in the arena of leadership with distinction. 

Potential At Work is pleased to offer you the highest standards in coaching services. From individual coaching to broad initiatives requiring multiple coaches with varied skills, we'll assemble the best team of strategic partners to meet your needs.

Our Mission
Potential At Work's mission is to support leaders to translate their distinctiveness into extraordinary value for the organization and its stakeholders.  Organizational leadership today requires courage under fire, the strength of personal conviction, and the power of 20/20 vision.  Nothing less will support success in the 21st Century workplace.  Potential At Work brings the experience, the skills, the tools and the discipline to support leadership excellence at all levels. 

Potential At Work, Inc.
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