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The Engaging Work Learning Lab

Work Has Changed… and Success Demands New Skills… A global marketplace running at nanosecond speed has irrevocably changed the fabric of organizations worldwide, and change agility must be top of mind for every individual, leader and team.

There is good news... There has never been as much opportunity to create value in the marketplace, and leaders have access to greatly improved tools for fostering the high impact performance that business today demands. Coaching is the touchstone of these organizational tools.

What is Engaging Work™?  Engaging Work is a learning lab for organizational leaders whose imperative is the achievement of high impact results.  A literal gold mine of coaching best practices for today's organization, Engaging Work addresses the burning issues every leader faces-envisioning success in a highly competitive business environment, and effectively engaging others-in the midst of constant change.

Engaging Work participants learn real time coaching skills that can be applied in any workplace situation, whether it be a hallway conversation, team meeting, or formal coaching session.  Additionally, Engaging Work addresses the single biggest challenge in today's organization--change agility.  People and organizations must work faster, smarter, and leaner if they are to achieve the high impact results demanded in today's environment. This means being able to adapt quickly and respond to the opportunities inherent in change.

Finally, recognizing that so much of how leaders influence others is through their use of language, Engaging Work develops leaders' ability to use language of engagement in their conversations-such as the language of possibility, excellence, resilience, and symbolism.

Learning Objectives for Engaging Work

  • Identify new workplace imperatives
  • Utilize a real time coaching model
  • Integrate Engaging Work coaching skills
  • Utilize powerful language of engagement
  • Foster workplace change agility

The Engaging Work Learning Lab can be delivered on site and customized for your organization's particular needs. 

Let Engaging Work Connect your People and High Impact Results!


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