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Harnessing Distributed Intelligence through Organizational Diversity Supporting individuals, leaders and teams to fully embrace and leverage the differences inherent in today's workplace is one of coaching's most powerful capabilities.  Distributed intelligence is the key to the most change agile organizations and the most innovative responses to a heated up marketplace.  Coaching to foster organizational diversity can be a key component of your strategic diversity planning.  You'll see tangible results from the workplace to the marketplace.

Individual Coaching
This one-on-one experience is as individualized as you and your leadership style. Your Potential At Work, Inc. coach works with you to build a solid relationship based on respect, trust and understanding, helping you to benchmark your progress agains the ambitious goals you establish for yourself. 
Together, using a customized assessment and goal setting process, you'll discover how you can effectively leverage your personal distinctiveness into value for your organization and its stakeholders. 

The character, the courage under fire, and the capacity for envisoning and realizing success create the foundation for the leader who leads with distinction. 

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