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As a leader, you are charged with leading change while engaging high levels of commitment under a dramatically altered workplace employment contract.  All of this requires that you be able to influence every organizational arena.  You must stand out as the kind of leader who commands attention and wins the hearts and minds of others in the pursuit of aggressive strategic business goals.  Potential At Work offers strategic leadership coaching to organizational leaders and teams who want to foster the engaged organization. 

Excellence is no longer a choice—it’s mission critical.  Your competition isn’t waiting, and you know you need a fully engaged organization in order to deliver the innovation that brings value to your customers.  Merely being better than the competition is a small game.  You know it, and we know it.  To play a big game, you must lead from the edge.  As the kind of leader who leads from the edge, you will: 

·          Create the environment that fosters the ambition and attitude to score big in both existing and emerging markets

·          Engage others to produce the innovative ideas that drive business, create customer value and deliver profits—consistently

We will consult with you to assess your organization’s needs and develop customized, comprehensive strategies to support your leaders and teams to deliver the results you and your customers demand.  Then, we’ll detail how you can use our coaching programs and scorecards to produce an enviable return on your investment.  With our technology, you will have the skills, tools, and practices to fully integrate coaching and emotionally intelligent leadership as core leadership competencies in your organization.  Through your partnership with Potential At Work, you will discover how an engaged workforce represents a formidable competitive advantage.  

 Our team of master coaches, led by Jan Austin, MCC, is comprised of coaching industry forerunners who have coached organizational leaders and teams at all levels through the most pressing business challenges.  We are experts in harnessing leadership and organizational potential because Potential At Work's business is the business of coaching.  We understand what return on investment means in today’s heated up marketplace.  There is nothing soft about coaching.  We expect nothing less than unparalleled results.  Contact us to arrange a no obligation initial telephone consultation. 


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