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"...coaching... bridges the growing chasm between what managers are being asked to do and what they have been trained to do."

 —Fortune Magazine

From the front line to the boardroom, organizational leaders are discovering the power of coaching to support leadership with distinction.  Partnering with a masterful represents an investment in people and potential.  The focus is on the achievement of sustainble high impact results.  Potential At Work offers a full range of state-of-the-art coaching services for leaders and teams.

Leadership Coaching supports leaders and high potential individual contributors at all levels of responsibility and experience:

*  Star performers in new leadership roles
*  Leaders in transition
*  Leaders leading change
*  Team leaders and teams
*  High potential individual contributors

Team Coaching supports teams and leaders of teams to harness the power of groups for sustainable, high impact results.  Organizational leaders are increasingly looking to teamwork and other collaborative approaches in a business climate characterized by rapid fire change.  While teams can represent an important strategy for organizing people and work, they can be costly on many levels if mismanaged.  Team coaching supports leaders and teams with the skills, tools and discipline to deliver extraordinary team based results. 

Coaching Assessments, including The Harnessing Team Intelligence Scorecard, The Leadership 360 Scorecard, and The Leadership EI Scorecard, developed by coaching industry forerunner Jan Austin, MCC, offer organizational leaders cutting edge tools for identifying development opportunities and charting the path for excellence in leaders and teams. 

The Harnessing Team Intelligence Scorecard enables teams and leaders of teams to benchmark current performance against standards for peak team performance.  In addition, the Scorecard supports the full development of practical skills and competencies for the most effective teamwork leading to the creation of sustainable results.  The Scorecard works well as an audit tool for any existing team whose members wish to calibrate their progress, and it can be used to ensure that any newly forming team will hit the ground running. 

The Leadership 360 Scorecard enables leaders to access the perspecitves of direct reports, customers, peers, management and other stakeholders on the critical areas of communications and interpersonal skills.  Leaders who integrate the perspectives of multipe constituents into their work demonstrate superior results and enjoy more positive relationships with others.  The Leadership 360 Scorecard can be utilized to capture diverse perspectives which inform the creation of goals for a coaching relationship.  It can also be utilized to benchmark the leader's progress over time. 

The Leadership EI Scorecard is a tool for leaders which can be utilized in consultation with a professionally trained coach to enhance self-awareness and self-management.  Leaders who who effectively manage themselves in their interactions with others create impressive social capital in the organization and inspire the highest levels of commitment.  They understand how to calibrate the "internal metrics" of success which are essential for today's peak performance. 

Behaviors and Values Assessments
Potential At Work offers the DISC and PIAV, two powerful assessments that enbable organizational leaders to understand their behavioral tendencies in interpersonal interactions, as well as the deeply rooted values that drive their behavior in all aspects of work and life.  Taken together, the DISC and PIAV assessments provide a rich context of information for organizational leaders who want to optimize communications across the organization and deepen their understanding of the diversity of styles represented in the organization.  The DISC and PIAV may also be utlized with teams to support them to maximize the contributions of diverse styles and to anticipate and manage team conflict.  Click here for more information.

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*Read about Jan Austin's corporate coaching in Fortune Magazine

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