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Check all of the items for which your response is “yes”.


q       1.  Do you regularly over-commit on work or personal projects and then have to work “down to the wire” or ask for an extension?


q       2.  Do you use caffeine, nicotine, sugar or alcohol to give you a “boost” or to maintain your energy level?


q       3.  Do you go at a rapid clip all day and then “crash” into bed?


q       4.  Do you feel “wired” when you get in bed and then have trouble getting to sleep?


q       5.  Do you find yourself being emotionally reactive around others, especially when you’re facing a deadline?


q       6.  Do you regularly give up sleep in order to work on projects?


q       7.  Do you get easily bored when not “pushing” on projects?


q       8.  Do you postpone starting projects and then “overwork” to get them done on time?


q       9.  Do you regularly find yourself in emotionally conflicted relationships?


q       10.Do you over-eat and/or over-exercise on a regular basis?


q       11.Are you competitive in many or most of your relationships?


q       12.Do you have trouble listening to others when they are speaking?


q       13.Do you regularly watch tense movies (horror, suspense, war themes)?


q       14.Do you watch a lot of television “just because it’s there” and it’s on?


q       15.Do you regularly drive over the speed limit?


q       16.Do you frequently “replay” past hurts, injustices, or grievances in your head?


q       17.Do you get anxious when you are alone?


q       18.Do you have any stress related illnesses?




q       19.Do you regularly have the feeling that people and/or things are not good enough?


q       20.Are you regularly late to meetings, appointments or social engagements?



Adrenaline is a hormone substance secreted by the adrenal glands in response to a real or perceived external threat.  Its purpose is to prepare the body for “fight” or “flight”.  Adrenaline serves you well when the threat is real, but it is counter productive when you react to situations in which there is no real threat, or when you intentionally place yourself (consciously or unconsciously) in situations which create stress and thus cause adrenaline to be secreted.  Some individuals come to crave the “charge” that adrenaline gives them and are referred to as “adrenaline addicted.”  Over time, this can cause significant personal and work problems and lead to stress-related illness.


Please score your quiz by adding up the total number of boxes you checked.  Write your score here: ____


If you checked 1-5 items, you’re doing pretty well, but could significantly enhance your sense of well being by eliminating these remaining sources of adrenaline.  Identify someone in your natural support network of friends, family or colleagues and ask them to support you in making some healthy changes.


If you checked 6-10 items, excess adrenaline is causing you problems in some areas of your work or personal life.  Get a coach and work on eliminating these things to prevent professional or professional derailment and to help you get on track to move forward.


If you checked more than 10 items, adrenaline is playing a significant role in your life and is likely causing significant problems for your and those you work/live with.  You are also at increased risk for developing stress-related illness. Get help with this from a qualified coach or professional counselor.   


What areas will it be easy for you to make some changes in?

What areas will represent the most challenge for you in making changes?



What will you commit to eliminate from the list of “adrenalinizers” in the coming week?  ________________________________________________________


What support will you commit to arranging for yourself to ensure you stay focused on your goal? _____________________________________________